Quality Christian Education

Established on the belief that to be Christian is to do everything with excellence, Adventist education has always placed a premium on academic quality, and the data speaks for itself. Of North American graduates of Adventist schools, more than 85 percent pursue higher education, well above the national norm with 80 percent completing a college degree. Our educators deliver results by meeting individual learning needs in a nurturing environment. We are committed to preparing our students for our ever changing world and for a joyful life of service now and for eternity. It’s a statistical fact-our students are uniquely successful. They are academically prepared, college bound, and are clear thinkers who are motivated to achieve. This is the reason we build the best schools and train the most committed Christian educators. The responsibility is awesome, but the reward is infinite and eternal. Our goal is to continue to follow God’s path on this journey of excellence.

Appalachian Christian Academy

619 Memorial Dr., Manchester, KY 40962
(Physical Address)

168 SDA School Rd. (Mailing Address)

(606) 598-5427

Our Mission:

The Appalachian Christian Academy family exists to show children Jesus, nurture their love for Him and others, teach them to think, and empower them to serve.